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How to disable Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12C TNS-1190 errors

This error usually appears when an OS level user tries to query the listener properties. This alert is generic and If you are tired of getting email alerts everyday you can disable these alerts.

There is a really good article for the solution on this issue : (Doc ID 1399060.1)

In the document two options are given.  To set a listener password and on EM12c configure the listener using the password or to tell EM12c ignore the alerts.

To apply the second option go to listener home page. Search your listener on the search box and navigate the listener home page.

On the home page navigate to Oracle Listener >> Monitoring >> Metric and Collection Settings

Change the metric TNSMsg so that TNS-1190 alerts are not included in the regexp.

This may not be the best solution but it works.

Another approach is to create a monitoring template.The template should be configured not to monitor the TNS-1190 errors. Apply this monitoring template to the Listener Targets.


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