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How to recover if the archivelog or onlinelog required for recovery is either missing, lost or corrupted

(First of all, It is always a must to open a service request with Oracle in such cases)

What is the worst thing that could happen to a dba. Missing a file that you should never lose without a backup.
It is not and should not be very common in our life but when you work in this business for a long time, you will realize that it is inevitable.

I lost a couple of online redo log members in one of the test systems. These redo logs were needed for the
instance recovery and since instance recovery couldn’t finish I could not open my system. There are some tricks I got from the Oracle Advance Support.
I promised them I will not share what they are but you can find them in these links.

But My procedure was similar Mr.Oktay’s. The The problem is similar like mine They lost archive logs, I lost my redo logs for instance recovery.
In addition to the procedure My DB was cloned from the production system and I had to get a backup of the controlfile from the prod system to open it with resetlogs.

Master Node that I follow:
How to recover and open the database if the archivelog required for recovery is either missing, lost or corrupted? (Doc ID 465478.1)

A note to understand the resetlogs option :
How to quickly check that Database is consistent after incomplete recovery (Point in Time Recovery) before OPEN RESETLOGS (Doc ID 1354256.1)

(Similar to the one I used but I did not use upgrade option)

(_minimum_giga_scn do not work on


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