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dbca ora-02249

On exadata when you create a database using dbca you need to use the templates special to exadata. like “oltp x2-2” and “dwh x2-2”. I tried to install a single instance test database and even if I used the “oltp x2-2” template I got an error during controlfile creation.

ORA-02249: missing or invalid value for MAXLOGMEMBERS

in this oracle support document it says you need to use the “Custom database” template but I got an error about the compatibility value for my db over the asm instance. I asked one of my colleagues and she said you need to change the MAXLOGMEMBERS and keep using the “oltp x2-2” template. I have changed the MAXLOGMEMBERS from 24 to a lower value and it worked. But I don’t know why it worked 🙂

DBCA Errors with ORA-02249 When Creating Single-instance Database On Exadata (Doc ID 1456161.1)


2 thoughts on “dbca ora-02249

    1. Good question.
      It is a controlfile create parameter.
      During Installation You need to check this step
      “The step 10 of 11 : Database Storage”
      Storage –> Controlfile –> Options –> Maximum Log Members
      Default is 24

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