Oracle University Istanbul Expert Summit 2014


We had greate 3 days with the experts in their field.

Pete Finnigan with great focus on Security. Database design according to the security principles. He also mentioned encryption, leakage of critical data, dangerous functions and use of incorrect privileges.
Jonathan Lewis gave tons of examples from simple ones to complex ones and show how to make the best out of the optimizer. Optimizer is getting starter and smarter but it can still surprise you 🙂
Frits Hoogland with great experience in best practices, how to  set up a database environment, and what things to look out for to make them easier to administer and improve performance and also shared his extensive observations and investigations on database I/O focusing on the wait events.

Session 1: November 5 th 
PLSQL Secure Coding with Pete Finnigan

Session 2: November 6 th 
Beating the Optimizer with Jonathan Lewis

Session 3: November 7 th
Best Practice in Oracle Exadata and Database optimization by Frits Hoogland
Oracle database I/O implementation deep dive with Frits Hoogland


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